It is my apprehension if you are indeed in every dimension.

If not in every dimension then why do I dread you with this apprehension.

Or has it just become a fashion to stare towards your station.

Even when you might be looking back with the same question.

And be in a similar situation.

So, it is my apprehension if you are indeed in every dimension.

And is it that all this is is one from one to another dimension;

But with apprehension;

Asking the same question.



be original

Be what it may, Be Original!

at work    |   in love

when creating something new or working with something old

when blessed with good times  |  when tested with bad times

when living the existential  or understanding the mystical

with oneself, family, friends, pets, rain snow or the trek.

be F***ing ORIGINAL



Get a real cause.

Own it § Stand for it § Create IMPACT!

This post is inspired by my interactions and first hand experiences with the voluntary sector for a number of years. My views here are also much influenced by my understanding of experiences and challenges that coordinators and voluntary sector leaders who have observed and face commitment issues with volunteers on almost a daily basis. Active conversations and reflections with those who  manage, run, coordinate and lead voluntary cause-based  initiatives forms the basis of my views. And here we are talking about aggregate of decades of experience and involvement in cause-based issues.  
An interesting and timely Facebook conversation  on this topic seeded in me the idea of writing this post to address a real issue that we all must address on our own individual levels after doing a fair and unbiased assessment of ourselves…..

Depending on which part of the world you live in, there are so many things that our lives directly touch. There are also so many more things that need to change and where our involvement can actually make a difference in making this world a better place; but these go untouched & unnoticed even when they happen right before our eyes. So what CAUSE should one “Own” and “Stand for”? The answer lies in the question. 

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